Privacy policy

For the purposes and for the effects referred to in art. 13 D.Lgs. n. 196/2003 (Privacy Code) regarding the personal data provided to Mobs di Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc, owner of and which will be subject to processing, the Customer acknowledges and expressly approves the following.

Collected data

Personal data collected are exclusively those provided by the person concerned with the completion of the registration form for access to the service.

Purpose of treatment

Personal data will be processed and used for the accounting and administrative management of the relationship or service, including records and accounting records, performance of contractual relations, fulfillment of obligations under Community laws, regulations or regulations, provisions Provided by the Authority to the legitimacy of the law and by supervisory and control bodies, the performance of contracts with suppliers, the transfer of goods and the provision of services, and the fulfillment of statutory, contractual and regulatory obligations within the scope of Of the Mobs business of Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc among them:

The data provided will be handled and stored by Mobs of Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc, with registered office in Italy - 11020 Gressoney (AO), Loc. Tache, as provided for by D.lgs. No. 196/2003 for the purposes set out above and for future reports to be established, unless the person expressly withdraws the processing authorization.

Treatment Mode

The treatment is carried out by means of any operation or complex of operations between those indicated in art. 4, co 1, Legislative Decree 196/2003 and is realized with the aid of electronic or automated electronic, computer and telematic instruments or by means of manual instruments; The provided data will be stored on magnetic or paper media, always respecting the minimum security requirements of the law and may be disclosed to the employees, consultants and external legal representatives of the processing company for aspects that may concern them as well as the Administrative and fiscal management of the report.

Data Transfer

The person concerned is free to provide his / her personal data.

Refusing to give personal data

Refusal to provide personal data does not allow you to access the services of

Data communication

The personal information provided may be communicated to employees, external consultants, accountants, lawyers, lenders, service companies and consultants.
In the framework of its business Mobs di Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc will also be able to communicate the data provided to third parties in charge of carrying out directly connected and instrumental activities for the provision of Mobs services by Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc or with How it has entered into commercial agreements to disseminate and develop the services to be provided.

Owner and responsible for the treatment

The data controller is Mobs of Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc, with registered offices in Loc. Tache - 11020 Gressoney (Italy). The manager of the treatment is the pro tempore administrator of the Mobs of Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc, who for the purposes of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, is domiciled at the registered office of Mobs of Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc in Loc. Tache - 11020 Gressoney (Italy). Any information can be sent to:

Rights of the party concerned

Article. 7 d.lgs n. 196/2003, gives the person concerned the following rights:

The provided data can be verified on request and can be updated and / or corrected by sending a letter or fax, or by e-mail to the following e-mail address: With the same means you may be asked to cancel the provided personal data.

In the case of requesting the removal of the personal data provided by Mobs di Sordi Simone and Soffientini Stefania Snc, the Company will without delay delay the same without further notice and / or communication. Such cancellation, in the event the deleted data is necessary for the services provided or for the reports in place, may result in their immediate cessation.

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