Summer excursions to Gressoney

Summer excursions to Gressoney

Excursions and hiking: These are the most popular summer activities in Gressoney.

Those who love the mountain choose this place to explore the renowned paths that pass between the secular woods, the green valley and the alpine lakes.

If you are one of the most trained, you can easily undertake longer and challenging walks, such as climbing a cascade or reaching a peak.

If you are more a character for a relaxing hike, on the excursions map, you will also find shorter routes that, without fatigue, will lead you to a glimpse of rare beauty

The most adventurouses, however, choose Gressoney for vie ferrate or rock climbs that usually provide itineraries longer of one day and overnight stays in shelter.
If you are looking for a privileged contact with nature, do not endanger your safety: entrust yourself with the Gressoney Alpine Guide to plan an ad hoc hike and discover the mountain alongside those who live it day by day.

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