Gressoney and territory

The territory of Gressoney, today comprised of the two municipalities of Gressoney-la-Trinité and Gressoney-Saint-Jean lies in the heart of the Lys valley, on the slopes of Monte Rosa, Which takes its name from the Lys torrent that crosses it.

On this frame the Monte Rosa overlooks the summits of Eastern Lyskamm (the highest in the valley), Western Lyskamm, Mount Castore and Pyramid Vincent with heights ranging from 4,500 to 4,200 meters of altitude.
The massif is an ideal destination for those who love to practice winter sports among spectacular views but also for those who prefer the mountain for summer hikes and trips on the meadows.
The richness and variety Gressoney can offer you are not limited to natural beauties.

The Walser

The area is of particular interest for the presence of the Walser secular community. The name, contraction of the German Walliser, namely Valais (inhabitant of the canton of Valais in Switzerland), identifies the communities of Germanic origin populating the areas around the Mount of Monte Rosa.

The first settlements of Walser date back to the period between 1000 and 1200 with a slow migration flow from the canton of Valais.
The Walser language is a variant that derives from the southern German dialect called the very almanac. In turn, this is divided into sub-variables:

Today in almost every municipality where the Walser has been present at the schools, language courses have been activated. The Walser tradition is alive in the Lys valley where you can still admire the typical houses with the ground floor in stone that was used as a storage or stable, the first floor of wood which served as a real dwelling and the last floor with eventual lofts intended for drying hay and other agricultural products. You can also visit several homes and museums that tell the story of these populations to know the interesting customs and traditions.

Activities in Gressoney

For those who decide to spend holydays in Gressoney, it’s posible to choose between different activities depending on the season, from snow sports in the winter season, to summer excursions, from hiking to cycling, but it is also possible, for those who love rest, to devote to relaxation immersed in enchanting landscapes or at the various Spa and Wellness Centers.
Ideal for families too, Gressoney can offer fun and activities not only for adults but also for the younger ones.

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