Didactic farm in Gressoney

Didactic farm in Gressoney

In the magical setting of the Lys Valley you will be able, with whole family, to visit farmhouses and didactic farms where you can get in touch with the wonders of nature.

Your kids will have the chance to discover and get in touch with the animals and to know the wonders of tradition and genuineness.

Beekeeping, from the care of bees to the various phases of honey production, you will discover how much work and effort are hidden inside a jar of nectar of the gods.

Cultivation of vegetables and small fruits: with these activities you will be able to know all the steps from seeds to vegetable or fruit, a world of care and attention that brings to our tables healthy and genuine products.

Animal care: chickens, goats and cows as well as providing us with sustenance, are friends to discover and can teach us how harmony is the best way for a healthy and serene life.

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