Cross-country skiing in Gressoney

Cross-country skiing in Gressoney

For cross-country skiing enthusiasts in Gressoney, it is possible to go through a set of easy and average difficulty rings that are connected to each other and are developed over a total of 22 km in length.

The overall track hosts the Monterosalauf Grand Prix every year.

Here is the list of individual rings:

In Gressoney-Saint-Jean area, you can go cross-country skiing in spectacular scenery, admiring, for example, the beauty of the many ancient houses in the typical Walser style or enjoying the view of the impressive Lyskamm massif.

Also in Gressoney-La-Trinité area you will find two routes near the resort at 1,605 and 1,666 meters altitude respectively, which have good snow conditions throughout the winter.
The high ring of Colletesand-Paese High has a length of 2.5 km with medium difficulty while the low ring of Paese-Sandmatto measures 2 km and has a minor difficulty.

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